Spotlight on home visits – guidance document with reflective questions

Home visits form part of child and adult protection activities. Researchers from the FHNW have published a guidance document that can be used for reflection on home visits.

As part of the research project “The home as a site of state intervention”, Martina Koch and her team have created a website and summarised key findings from their research in the form of a guidance document. Now available for download, this highlights the key questions that arise during home visits and what needs to be considered before visits and when following them up.

The FHNW is holding a conference on the subject on 12 May 2023. This will provide an opportunity to reflect on real-world experience in the light of the research findings and to initiate dialogue. Further information can be found on the website of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (see below). The conference is intended for social work professionals, particularly those working in child and adult protection or outreach social work.