Social welfare book launch

The publication “Social welfare practice. Coordination and funding between expertise, state and public benefit” written as part of the NRP 76 project Associations and coordination in the social welfare sector will be discussed at a book launch.

Start17.11.2023 17:00
End17.11.2023 19:00
VenueSwiss Social Archives, Media room, Stadelhoferstrasse 12, 8001 Zurich

Criticism of the lack of social standards and regulations has been part of social care in Switzerland since the early decades of the 20th century. It targeted the highly fragmented care landscape that had evolved over the years. What could be done to modernise this type of system? What can be done to regulate donations, ensure training for social workers or bring care homes throughout Switzerland up to the required standards? Taking this criticism as its starting point, the book follows the efforts of the “Umbrella Organisation National Social Work Conference” (Dachverband Landeskonferenz für soziale Arbeit, 1932–1999) to coordinate and standardise by way of arrangements, funding models and complex hybrid private and public models. By doing so it complements regional research approaches to privately organised care and opens them up to discussion from a nationwide and transnational perspective.

Book launch with input from Christian Koller (Swiss Social Archives), Markus Furrer (Lucerne University of Teacher Education), Urs Germann (historian) and Gisela Hauss (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland).

Panel members: Thomas Gabriel (Zurich University of Applied Sciences), Markus Kaufmann (Swiss Conference for Social Welfare), Gabriele Rauser (formerly of GF Integras), Cornelia Rumo (YOUVITA) and Stefan Schnurr (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland).

The discussion will be led by Bettina Grubenmann (Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences).