Focus on the present: Bulletin No. 2

The second bulletin is now available. It provides new insights into the NRP 76 research projects.

​​The second NRP 76 bulletin discusses ethical issues arising from research work, as many of the NRP 76 projects are to do with people who sustained deep personal harm, both physical and psychological, in their childhood and youth. The focus is on current challenges in dealing with interventions in people's lives: in addition to a review of the legal aspects, an outside view is presented from the perspective of the KESCHA children's and ad​ults' protection authority and the various collaborative ventures are discussed, all in the context of the latest NRP 76 research findings.

NRP 76 researchers discuss issues around clarification and decision-making in the area of child protection and put forward ideas for current practice. They also present results of relevance to the challenges faced by juveniles and unaccompanied refugees. And finally, the insights into NRP 76 research work shed light on the various roles involved in – as well as the history of – forensic and psychiatric expert reports, as well as making recommendations on ways to improve the future experience of children being taken into care.​