Successful second call of NRP 76

NRP 76 "Welfare and Coercion" has approved five new research projects after launching its second call. The overall budget for new projects is 2 million francs.

A total of 22 research projects, approved in the first call for proposals of NRP 76, are currently under way. They analyse the characteristics, mechanisms and effects of Swiss welfare policy and practices in their various contexts. As some topics could not be covered in the first call, a second call was launched. It invited researchers to submit proposals specifically addressing these research gaps. The SNSF received ten proposals, five of which have now been selected for funding. They cover the following topics:

  • Interactions between non-state actors and the state;
  • rights, proceedings, legal remedies;
  • economic entanglements;
  • transgenerational transmission of social, material and psychological disadvantages.

The newly approved projects were awarded just under 2 million francs in total.

You can find more information on the funded projects using the link below.