Closing event on 24 May 2024: The NRP presents its findings and recommendations

At the closing event on the Gurten, just outside Bern, the findings and conclusions of NRP 76 will be presented and discussed with representatives from society, politics and the authorities, as well as with people affected.

The key findings and conclusions of NRP 76 will soon be available: the steering committee has drawn up a synthesis report summarising the results of the research projects and providing conclusions and recommendations for policymakers, practicioners and stakeholders.This synthesis report will be published in mid-May 2024 and presented at the closing event. Federal Councillor Beat Jans, Head of the Federal Department of Justice and Police, will be present to take note of the findings and relate them to political concerns.

The five years of interdisciplinary research carried out in NRP 76 have produced a wealth of findings. They show that the causes of violations of personal integrity are complex, and that interventions at an early age have long-lasting effects on the lives of the people concerned as well as their descendants. However, they also shed light on changes in institutions and players in the social sector, and describe how these parties have intervened and provided support in the past and today, and in which conflicting areas they operate.

The event is aimed at experts from practice, associations and public administration, researchers and those involved in research, as well as any other interested parties.

It can be attended free of charge upon registration. Simultaneous translation into German/French will be offered.