NRP 76 presents 10 takeaways. The video features comments from those affected and experts.

© Marco Finsterwald | SNF

The Steering Committee presents a synthesis of NRP 76 in 10 main ideas, which are to be incorporated into ongoing debates. In the most recent video, representatives of target groups have their say.

From the outset of the National Research Programme “Welfare and Coercion” (NRP 76), the Steering Committee attached great importance to ensuring good collaboration with those affected, as well as with specialist and interest organisations, authorities and politicians. This cooperation was consolidated at exchange meetings and dialogue events as well as through joint publications. Towards the end of the research programme, NRP 76 invited representatives of the different stakeholder groups to two exchange meetings. The main ideas derived from the results of the 29 research projects were also discussed in this context.

The last NRP 76 video presents the assessments, comments and perspectives of those affected and of the experts who were involved in this research. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank them for their willingness to participate, their great commitment and their very useful feedback – merci!