Life stories in focus: Bulletin No. 3

© NFP 76

The third – and last – NRP 76 bulletin relates the research findings from NRP 76 by way of three realistically portrayed life stories.

Researchers, affected individuals, and experts – both practitioners and policy-makers – have all contributed to the recently published NRP 76 bulletin. Their contributions refer to fictional but realistic stories about people directly or indirectly affected by measures that fall into the category “between welfare and coercion”. The contributions from NRP 76 include recently completed research studies.

Part 1 concerns the way in which the authorities have approached families and young people with special needs. The repercussions of foster care on the subsequent generations are discussed in part 2, while part 3 draws comparisons across different regions and time periods. The bulletin also looks into what happens when persons affected by – and the victims of – coercive measures speak up and break their silence by way of media appearances and other political activities.