NRP 76 invites to dialogue in Lausanne and Zurich

Two dialogue events on the topic of participation in child and adult protection - together with KOKES/COMPA.

Participation in a coercive context - what does that mean? What are the prerequisites and forms of participation? What needs to be considered so that persons in need of help and protection can formulate their own point of view and defend their interests? What opportunities for participation exist today? And where do barriers prevent the implementation, safeguarding and promotion of self-determination? In child and adult protection, sustainable solutions can only be effective with the participation of the persons concerned. In the field of tension between self-determination and heteronomy, the legal framework and professional expertise are crucial. In addition, the quality of implementation and the attitude of the professionals determine whether children and adults are appropriately involved in clarification, decision-making and mandate management. The first findings of NRP 76 will be presented for discussion in two events, reflected in the dialogue between research and practice, including the perspective of those affected, and contextualised within the current reality.

Participation in child protection

Monday, 14 march 20221.30 pm to 5.30 pm, Le Cazard, LausanneIn French with simultaneous interpreting service (French – German) and live stream

Participation in child and adult protection

Tuesday 22 march 20221.30 pm to 5.30 pm, Volkshaus, ZurichIn German with simultaneous interpreting service (French – German) and live stream

Attendance of the dialogue event is free. Please register online. The number of places is limited. The current Covid rules will apply.