The "grammar" of stationary education in context

© Albisbrunn 1949
  • Project description (completed research project)

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    he analyses will adhere to a multi-level model: On micro-level, focus will isbe placed on pedagogic and diagnostic practices to bewhich are analyzed on the basis of «pupil» files and other relevant archive documents. On macro-level, organizational forms (supervision, management, etc.) as well as pedagogic concepts and «programs» (group, school, vocational training, work, etc.) will beare examined. On this level, the project aims at explaining continuity and change from the perspective of evolving relationships between stationary education and the environment. Focus will beis placed on the analysis of evolving institutional, discursive, idealistic, personnel, and disciplinary-scientific networks.

  • Results

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    The summary of the results for this project are available here: Summary of the Results

  • Original title

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    The "grammar" of stationary education in context – continuity and change by the example of the Landerziehungsheim Albisbrunn in the 20th century