Film from the project “The ‘good family’ as a focus of school, welfare and social pedagogy”

The participatory documentary film “And then we were taken away” emerged from the research project “The ‘good family’ as a focus of school, welfare and social pedagogy”. It is available with subtitles in German, French, Italian and English.

During the 20th century, authorities in Switzerland placed over 100,000 children and teenagers in care homes and foster families. The interventions were mostly carried out on moral grounds and affected socially marginalised families in particular. Two men in their sixties talk about the out-of-home placements they experienced as children. They record how the official interventions affected their childhood, youth and present-day lives.

Jessica Bollag is a social scientist and film maker who produced this 37-minute film alongside her research work for NRP 76. The film is already being used in courses at Bern University of Teacher Education and Bern University of Applied Sciences. It has not yet been shown to the public because the film is being submitted to smaller festivals over the next year. However, it is possible to view the film now. Those interested need simply contact the author and director, Jessica Bollag.