Coercive decisions in Switzerland through the lens of international standards : foster care placements

This research is the first study specifically exploring coercive decision-making in foster care in the Swiss context through the lens of evolving international standards.

  • ​​​​Project description ​(completed research project)

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    In practice, international standards have progressively created frameworks and essentially limitations on coercive decision-making in order to better uphold children’s rights. As such, the research examines in which ways and to which extent the contemporary Swiss system complies with these evolving norms.

    It specifically examines the Swiss system of removal and placement decisions in foster care and where possible, adoption, by undertaking a legal analysis exploring legislation and policy as well as undertaking qualitative research to understand Swiss practices through in-depth interviews and case studies.

  • Original title

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    Evaluation of coercive decision-making in adoption and foster care in Switzerland through the lens of international standards.

  • Results

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    The summary of the results for this project are available here:

    Summary of the results (german) (PDF)
    Summary of the results (french) (PDF)